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Release Dates

Here are some upcoming C-ute-related releases!

2007.12.07: Suzuki Airi 2nd Photobook - "Clear"
2007.12.12: Pucchi Best 8 CD (Sakura Chirari, Futari wa NS (Kira*Pika), Honto no Jibun (Buono)), Pucchi Best 8 DVD (Sakura Chirari, Futari wa NS, Honto no Jibun, Shouri no BIG WAVE (Athena to Robikerottsu))
2007.12.19: C-ute Live Tour 2007 Aki ~Houkago no Essence~ DVD
2007.01.16 Abe Natsumi & Yajima Maimi - 16sai Koi Nante / Watashi no Koibito na no ni * CD
* There is a contest right now for fans in Japan to vote for which song will be the A-side. It ends Dec. 5th at 18:00.
2007.01.30: C-ute 4th Single CD, Abe Natsumi & Yajima Maimi Single V DVD
2007.02.06: Buono 2nd Single (First press DVD will include a multi-angle version of their performance at C-ute's concert)
2007.02.13: Buono 2nd Single V DVD
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